How to Plan Your Next Vacation: Part 2

This is part TWO of my new “Follow-Along series” about planning your next adventure! CLICK HERE to read part one!

A quick summary of part one: we created a Pinterest board to plan our next vacation.  We aimlessly picked out a bunch of pins.  We had a mindless, enjoyable search session trying to find the best resources for our travels.

Part two is about cleaning this mess up!  Now that we have hundreds of pins that were gathered with a pin-now-read-later mindset, it’s time to clean out the bad ones.  Anything that isn’t relevant or doesn’t add anything to the planning process: OUT OF HERE!

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How to Plan Your Next Vacation Using Pinterest!

This is part ONE of my new “Follow-Along series” about using easy (and free) technology to plan your next adventure!

I tend to plan my trips way far out.  I give myself plenty of time to ease into it.  I start with a few 10 – 15 minute search sessions, to get an idea for what is out there, before I really dive in.  I’m going to walk you through, piece by piece, what I do when planning for a trip, and allow you to follow along in real time!

I currently have 57 days until San Diego (as you’ve already seen).  But I also have a job, and friends, and laundry…and I have to eat somewhere in there, too.  I don’t like to let planning my trips stress me out…this is supposed to be fun! 

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Post-travel Blues

I’m feeling the post-travel blues.  You know the feeling.  The one where you can’t stop looking at pictures of your trip, or talking about your trip, or wishing you could just go back to the time before you ever left just so you could relive it again.  That’s where I’m at.

I live the busy life of Los Angeles, and sometimes it is much too overwhelming for me.  Especially the week after my blissfully silent adventures in Yosemite.  I was just not ready to come back to the city this week.  I had a particularly bad Friday drive home.  More than a handful of cut-offs and a few close calls made my drive less than pleasant.

But a quick call to my sister reminiscing about the fabulous trip I just took was exactly what I needed.  There is nothing that cures the blues like reliving my adventures with someone experiencing my stories for the first time.  Once again Yosemite (and my sister) save the day.  I can’t wait until I can get back there.


My Last Big Trip…


The start of this blog comes after being inspired to share my journey from my latest adventure.  I have always been an explorer, I frequently travel.  I have a loose definition of the word “travel.”  I travel near and travel far.  I try to travel at least once a week, but sometimes that gets hard to do and I have to cut it back to once a month.  My travels can be hundreds or thousands of miles away, but they can also be 30 miles down my nearest freeway.  I try not to limit myself or my definition of an adventure.

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