My Last Big Trip…


The start of this blog comes after being inspired to share my journey from my latest adventure.  I have always been an explorer, I frequently travel.  I have a loose definition of the word “travel.”  I travel near and travel far.  I try to travel at least once a week, but sometimes that gets hard to do and I have to cut it back to once a month.  My travels can be hundreds or thousands of miles away, but they can also be 30 miles down my nearest freeway.  I try not to limit myself or my definition of an adventure.

My most recent trip was something I never saw myself doing.  I am a city girl.  The bustle and noise brings me comfort.  A world where I am never alone keeps me at peace.  But recently I have been inspired to get away from it all…a little bit.  I suddenly was hit with the urge to visit Yosemite.


While President’s Day weekend wasn’t exactly an isolated time to visit Yosemite, I was struck with a new comfort of the silence of nature, and the incredibly humbling feeling of standing next to a 100-foot boulder that rolled down the face of a mountain and knocked over a 300-foot sequoia…with no one in sight to save me should I meet a similar fate.

The entire experience was breathtaking.  It created a new drive in me to see other parts of this country I had never seen before.  It inspired me to document my adventures.  It inspired me to outline my travel plans to help others to take the same adventures I do.


I am young and broke and visited Yosemite for under $300.  For me, that’s a little over a week’s paycheck.  I live as meager a life you can live in Los Angeles, and it took a lot of planning and deal-finding to make the trip happen.  It was an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything.


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