Post-travel Blues

I’m feeling the post-travel blues.  You know the feeling.  The one where you can’t stop looking at pictures of your trip, or talking about your trip, or wishing you could just go back to the time before you ever left just so you could relive it again.  That’s where I’m at.

I live the busy life of Los Angeles, and sometimes it is much too overwhelming for me.  Especially the week after my blissfully silent adventures in Yosemite.  I was just not ready to come back to the city this week.  I had a particularly bad Friday drive home.  More than a handful of cut-offs and a few close calls made my drive less than pleasant.

But a quick call to my sister reminiscing about the fabulous trip I just took was exactly what I needed.  There is nothing that cures the blues like reliving my adventures with someone experiencing my stories for the first time.  Once again Yosemite (and my sister) save the day.  I can’t wait until I can get back there.



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