How to Plan Your Next Vacation Using Pinterest!

This is part ONE of my new “Follow-Along series” about using easy (and free) technology to plan your next adventure!

I tend to plan my trips way far out.  I give myself plenty of time to ease into it.  I start with a few 10 – 15 minute search sessions, to get an idea for what is out there, before I really dive in.  I’m going to walk you through, piece by piece, what I do when planning for a trip, and allow you to follow along in real time!

I currently have 57 days until San Diego (as you’ve already seen).  But I also have a job, and friends, and laundry…and I have to eat somewhere in there, too.  I don’t like to let planning my trips stress me out…this is supposed to be fun! 

Instead, I spend a few days aimlessly wandering Pinterest for trip ideas.  This time around, I’ve already got a destination in mind, but if I’ve got the travel bug with nowhere to go, I typically spend some time browsing the “Travel” feed. (That’s how Yosemite happened…)

Pinterest Travel Feed from the Travel Often blog

In my first Pinterest session, I create a board.  I try to add specific details so that if I go back to the same location twice, I can have two different boards.  This one is “San Diego 2016.”

Creating a Travel Pin Board with the Travel Often Blog

Then comes the fun part: pinning.  I subscribe to the pin-now-read-later method. I’ll explain why in my next post, but mostly it is because it is so easy to find hundreds of pins that are of interest all at the same time! And opening all those tabs bogs down my computer a bit.  You’ll see more of what I mean next time! Until then, happy pinning!

Travel Often Blog Sand Diego 2016 pin board



I’ve written more in this series on easy Travel Planning technology. Below find my other posts on Pinterest, Pocket, and Google Maps to make your travels a breeze!

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