How to Plan Your Next Vacation: Part 2

This is part TWO of my new “Follow-Along series” about planning your next adventure! CLICK HERE to read part one!

A quick summary of part one: we created a Pinterest board to plan our next vacation.  We aimlessly picked out a bunch of pins.  We had a mindless, enjoyable search session trying to find the best resources for our travels.

Part two is about cleaning this mess up!  Now that we have hundreds of pins that were gathered with a pin-now-read-later mindset, it’s time to clean out the bad ones.  Anything that isn’t relevant or doesn’t add anything to the planning process: OUT OF HERE!


For this part of the process, I like to switch to my tablet.  (You don’t need a tablet, this process works just as well on your desktop!)

Clicking through my pins, I always ask myself two things: “Is this valuable to my travels?” and “Does this add something new?” If the pin in question isn’t valuable to my trip, or if it doesn’t add anything that another pin hasn’t already covered, I delete it.

The featured pin below doesn’t fit the criteria.  The photograph is beautiful, which is why it made the board in round one.  However, once I took the time to click through to the actual link at the core of this pin, I found that it did not provide any information.  This was just a link to a Flickr photograph.  Additionally, I have other pins on my board that mention other wonderful places to visit in La Jolla.  It just doesn’t fit.  Sorry, pretty beach picture: OUT OF HERE.

The Travel Often Blog - Deleting a pin part 1

The Travel Often Blog - deleting a pin part 2

Once you’ve edited down your board, you’re ready to step in and read through what you’ve found.  Do this in whatever way works for you.  I like using an add-on called POCKET for this.



I find that opening multiple pins at once bogs down my computer.  Ridiculously bogs it down!  So using an app like Pocket helps to put all these articles in one place.  If you’re using Firefox, you’ve already got pocket!  Most smartphones and tablets come with it pre-loaded, too.  But if you don’t see the pocket icon on the device you’re using, CLICK HERE to find information about downloading pocket to your device.

Pocket not only organizes the articles for you (without having multiple click-throughs to follow) but it also keeps the links as text-only articles for easy reading.  Additionally, you are able to read offline.  Great for reading on the go! I love it!

On your tablet:


On your desktop:



Your Pocket dashboard will look a little bit something like this when you’re all done:

Travel Often Blog - Using Pocket 4

While the preview images show the photos (to help you remember which article contained what information) when you click them, you are able to toggle -on and -off the text-only reading option.  It makes filtering so easy.

Next post, we’ll click through these links for key words and itinerary planning.  I’ll give you a moment to catch up.  Until next time!

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Continue on to Part 3. 


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