Exploring Caves!

I’ve taken a break from my vacation planning (Already! See.  I told you I worked slowly.) to do some research of a completely different nature…although I’m hoping this research will come in handy for my trip to San Diego!

Sunday morning, after some plans got cancelled at the last minute, I had the opportunity to do something I don’t often get to do: be lazy!  I laid in bed a full hour after waking up, just because I could.  My wonderful boyfriend brought me the Sunday paper and I just laid around! Heavenly! In the Sunday edition of the LA Times, there was an amazing series of articles all written by David Kelly about our National Parks.  More particularly, our national CAVES!  You can find the entire series RIGHT HERE!

His descriptions of the Jewel Cave (and the horrifying stories of the small spaces he had to crawl through to research for his article) filled me with excitement.  I began searching for caves near me.  I found two mini-caves nearby!


The Cave of Munits in El Escorpión Park is what I settled on.  I was hit with the need to explore, and that’s exactly what I did!

Unlike many of the caves I had seen before, this cave was above ground! This brought lots of sunlight for lots of opportunities to explore.  There were so many rock walls to climb and so many nooks to search.


The area was gorgeous and it instilled in me a need to find more locations just like this.  Great news for me because I hear there are plenty of caves by the sea in San Diego!Signature



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