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How to Plan Your Next Vacation: Part 3.

When I last left you, we were organizing our pins and saving them into my favorite app and browser extension, Pocket!

If you missed out on the other two posts, check out PART 1 and PART 2.

Using Pinterest to plan your next vacation!


This is really the best part of my planning process.  It is all about reading through the pins and blog posts I have gathered to get the best ideas for my trip!

To help you out, here is an excerpt of a note that I wrote from a blog post I had found from La Jolla Mom.  The article covered my favorite topic when traveling: Free things!  [You can view the post in reference HERE.]

I’m always sure to write the article title first and foremost, so I am able to go back and find the article again, should I want to go back to it.   In this article, there were two things that really interested me that were not covered in previous posts I had referenced.  I made my notes as follows:

“18 Free things to do in La Jolla”

*Visit La Jolla Beach Sea Lions!*

La Jolla Open Aire Market –>lajollamarket.com

Sundays 9A – 1P; Girard Ave + Genter St.

I take similar shortened notes for every article I find, so I can quickly reference key words.  If there is other further research that needs to be done, like going to a website for further information, I make a note of what I still need to search later.  Things like dates and times are important so I know if this destination has specific restrictions.

Gathering all this information is important for the final step of the process: Creating the Itinerary.  That’s next week! Until then, enjoy the search!




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