Friday Reads: The Happiness Project

Tonight I’m reading THE HAPPINESS PROJECT by Gretchen Rubin.  Gretchen took on a project where she set goals for herself to try and create a happier life….and then documented all her thoughts and changes in chronological order.   In her book, she recognizes that she can’t change others, but must change the way she reacts to others to find the happiest life.  This stayed with me above all else.

Along with her book, I’ve been listening to her Happiness Podcast as well.  In the podcast, she explores similar themes to the book, but also approaches topics from her other two happiness books:  BETTER THAN BEFORE, and HAPPIER AT HOME, both of which I cannot wait to read!

Her book has really allowed me to focus on my own happiness, to think about where my life is headed and reflect on what I want from my life.  She has encouraged me to stick to my own fundamental nature to find happiness instead of trying to force myself to do something I think should make me happy.

One big focus of her Podcasts is this idea of The Four Tendencies.  She has a book coming out soon on the theory, but in the meantime, she offers up a quiz to help you understand yourself better.  Without even taking the quiz, I could immediately identity myself as a questioner.  If you’re curious to check out more information on the Four Tendencies, or to take the quiz yourself, you can check both of those out on the links above.

I also linked up the introductory Podcast below for you to check out right from this page.  Head on over to iTunes, Stitcher, or SoundCloud to subscribe.

Happy Friday, friends.  Enjoy your weekend!



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