Wednesday Wisdom – 3/30/16

“Excitement is the more practical synonym for happiness, and it is precisely what you should strive to chase.  It is the cure-all.”

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom is a sneak preview of my weekly read. I picked up a copy of THE 4-HOUR WORK WEEK from the library this week.  More on this book on Friday!

What you need to know now is that this book as a lot of information and advice about working, or rather not working.  That’s not exactly something I can relate to.  I enjoy my job, and I would never want to be completely freed of that. It’s a sense of balance for me.

That being said, this book does throw out a lot of insight on happiness and what it takes to find it.  Tim Ferriss has his interpretation of what that means for him, and I have mine.

However, I found this quote from his book to be particularly insightful to my situation.  Again, in the book he is more talking about finding excitement instead of working, but I think it relates all the same.

What this quote offers me is an explanation for my own self. This quote is spot on for me, and since you’re still reading, you can perhaps relate. Excitement does bring happiness!

You’ve heard the phrase that if you love what you do, you’ll never feel like you’re working.  I think that’s crap.  You can’t have an exciting job and be completely fulfilled.  At least I can’t.  There are so many more things to life.

Excitement needs to come from all different channels. Excitement is not an event, it is a lifestyle.  It is constantly looking for things that add fulfillment. It is experiencing all there is to experience.  It’s knowing that you can experience new things half way across the world or half way down the block.

You don’t have to wait until you’re ready to “drop everything and go” in order to experience excitement and find your happiness.  It’s everywhere.

When I lived in Geneva, I found myself incredibly homesick (a huge reason for this was because I didn’t speak a word of French and had a really difficult time connecting with the community as a result) and yet, I still look back on my time in Geneva with extreme fondness. It was one of the best experiences of my life. Why? Because it was a constant source of excitement!  But I was still offered structure and consistency through school.  I had a place to call home, I had a schedule.  It balanced out the excitement.  It kept it from becoming saturated.

I could have taken 8-weeks to travel the world by myself.  Putting the rest of life on hold.  But I loved having something familiar mixed with something new.  They were great compliments to one another.  Every week I had something familiar, comforting.  Every weekend I had a new and exciting experience.

On the reverse of that, in my homesickness, I could have gone from home to school and back again, hiding from the world and holding on to the things I missed most. (Full disclosure, there was still quite a bit of that, too – I watched quite a bit of Netflix on my “normal” days.)  But when I found myself feeling down, I got out and explored the city!  I experienced new things that I had only one opportunity to experience. I found my happiness in Geneva through the excitement of finding something new right down the street.  These experiences have continued to bring me happiness because they are still very exciting to recount.

For eight weeks, I was alone. But pieces of excitement, big and small, brought me serenity. I know it is hard to get out and get going when life has you down, but getting out and getting on is the best thing for it. No matter if you are in the middle of a Europe or in the middle of Missouri  (I have been in the middle of both places…) there is excitement to be found! Go out and find your excitement. Go find your happiness.


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