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FIVE Books I’m reading about Road Trips!

It’s Friday Reads…on a SUNDAY!

I’ve been busy preparing for my new job, and I’m starting this week! I am incredibly excited to start my new job, both because of the job itself and because it is close enough to take public transportation to work.  I am ecstatic to not have to drive to work anymore! (My last commute was practically across the entire city of Los Angeles, and I drove for an hour and a half each way! UGH.) I will gladly have someone else do my driving for me.

To celebrate all this new-found time, I have been searching far and wide for things to occupy my time on my commute.  I have picked out books that I am very much looking forward to adding to my list.

Much like my blog, the books I’ve picked are all about my favorite form of travel: the great American Road trip.

Here are FIVE Road Trip Books I’ve Added to my List!

    1. ANGELS by Denis Johnson 



    1. THE LOST CONTINENT by Bill Bryson 



    1. ON THE ROAD by Jack Kerouac 



    1. BLUE HIGHWAYS by William Least Heat-Moon 



    1. LET’S GET LOST  by Adi Alsaid 




Any other great ones you’ve read?  I’d love to have more to read on my commute!


2 thoughts on “FIVE Books I’m reading about Road Trips!

  1. These look good! I’ve never read a book on road tripping, so I don’t have a good recommendation for that genre. But I have read Bill Bryson’s book about the Appalachian Trail. It was pretty good.


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