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Friday Reads: The 4-Hour Work Week UPDATE

A couple weeks ago, I posted THIS post about the 4-Hour Work Week.  I was excited to get started, I even meticulously updated my goal-planning system (as of recent years, I am a goal planner) to match the system that Tim Ferriss created.

I even was so hooked on the first chapters of this book, that Tim Ferriss inspired one of my Wednesday Wisdoms.

But here I am, 200 pages in, and I’ve got to say, I’m not as hooked as I thought I would be.  If I really wanted to take Ferriss’ advice, I should have stopped 100 pages ago.  He repeatedly states that you should not do anything more than what will advance you towards your goals.  He rarely picks up the news paper to keep updated on current events because someone else will do it for him and his time is better spent elsewhere. He frowns upon doing any kind of reading that is a waste, and finds bad books to be especially offensive.

I’ve heard that before, and am really trying to implement that more in my life.  If you don’t like a book, stop reading it!  It should be so simple.  But the fact of the matter is, I want to give Tim Ferriss a fair shot.  I want to love this book.  But I’m really having a hard time doing so.

Gretchen Rubin of THE HAPPINESS PROJECT suggests the same thing.  She urges people to put down books you’re not interested in. But in her books, she also discusses four tendencies, and I have identified myself as a Questioner.   Questioners always want to know more, they want to collect information and have all the answers.

I think that’s why I’m having a hard time giving up on The 4-Hour work week.  I just have to know what it is about this system of delegation that works so well for Ferriss.  I understand the drive to explore and see the world and never work again, I think that’s a dream we can all connect with.  But I also have this overwhelming connection to the place I call home.  I love being a local.  I love being familiar with my surroundings.  I love building relationships with the people near me.   With Tim Ferriss’ model, I don’t think I would have that.  I would have all the freedom to roam, but nothing that gives me a home base.

I have spent my fair time being an unemployed college grad, and that time off drives me insane.  I love having a place to go, people that are expecting me, a place to go home to.

I just don’t think the life of the “New Rich” is for me.



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