Wednesday Wisdom – 4/27/16

Buddha always provides such great insight on life, this one speaks to me just as strongly as most quotes from Buddha do.  The trouble with our society is procrastination.

Sure, we procrastinate important things, like completing a project that is on a deadline.  But more important than a project is life.  It’s fleeting, and it is precious.  That’s a huge reason why I made a recent career change that, frankly, gave me more of my life back.

Life is too beautiful to spend working a job I’m not passionate about, making money so that someone else can be filthy rich.  Meanwhile, the only thing I have to look forward to is moving up the ladder, eventually becoming an important person that some other poor, unexperienced soul has to work their ass off for so that I can be filthy rich.  It’s a cycle that repeats itself until everyone can unhappily drive a flashy car to the same meaningless job every day.  It seems glamorous from the outside.  But it isn’t.

Everyone always told me that I should go to college so that I could get a job that I loved.  I’ve loved some jobs I’ve had.  But really, what I really love in a job is an employer who respects me as a person, as a life.  I have a life of my own and I have other things to do besides make money.  Where I’m standing now, I could probably do any boring job in the world if it meant that my time off the clock was my own, to do with what I will.

While I have a lot of life ahead of me, the saying says that life is short.  And the thing about sayings is, they’re usually right.  People make the mistake of procrastinating life.  Putting things on hold until a later time in life.  Thinking that if the work hard enough, one day they will have it all.

You’ll never have it all.  There is no such thing.  But you do have a choice.  You can choose what makes you happy.  I choose to explore.  I choose to experience.  I choose freedom.



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