Living in the Moment while Traveling

Travel blogging has been a challenge.  Especially being employed full time.  I don’t know how so many of you amazing bloggers can balance it all!

I’ve been back from San Diego for almost a week and haven’t had time to upload my photos to my computer yet! What’s the secret?

When I travel, I’m hardly concerned with sharing my experiences. I take pictures for myself and soak in the moments. Social media is off, texts are ignored. I left my phone in the car for hours on more than one occasion this past weekend. I value all the amazing experiences I had, fully unplugged for the weekend, relaxing on the beach. It was heavenly. But now I feel behind. I’m behind on marketing and updating and responses. I’m behind on my blog!

How do you guys do it? I’d love some advice!

Post from San Diego coming later this week! For now, all I have is this one, raw photo with a quick glimpse at how beautiful the ocean is on the cliffs of La Jolla.  I’m so in love.



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