Living in the Moment while Traveling

Travel blogging has been a challenge.  Especially being employed full time.  I don’t know how so many of you amazing bloggers can balance it all!

I’ve been back from San Diego for almost a week and haven’t had time to upload my photos to my computer yet! What’s the secret?

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Travel Near: La Brea Tar Pits & the LACMA

For those of you who speak Spanish, The La Brea Tar Pits is quite a redundant name, but I assure you, “The La Brea Tar Pits” is how we refer to it here.  (For my non-Spanish speakers, “La Brea” means “The Tar,” so when you call them The La Brea Tar pits, you’re saying “The The Tar Tar Pits.” Fun fact.)

I’m always on the hunt for local places to explore that are inexpensive to visit, and I’ll be honest, this one pushed my budget a little over the edge.  La Brea is located a mile away from The Grove, for those of you familiar with the area.  I frequently park in a Beverly Hills neighborhood and walk when I visit The Grove to evade the high price of parking.

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Travel Near: The Getty Museum

Boasting one of the best views in Los Angeles, the Getty Museum is not one to be missed for both locals and visitors.

Panoramic View from The Getty Museum in Los Angeles

The museum itself is completely, entirely, absolutely FREE! (Parking will cost you $15, but pack the car with all your family or friends, paying for parking is worth it considering the alternatives are walking a couple of miles or taking the metro for $1.75 each direction.  Unless you’re going by yourself, save yourself some time and pay to park.)

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