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How to Plan your Next Vacation: Part 4

This morning I am busy planning more for my trip to San Diego! I’ve fallen a bit behind on my planning, so now it is crunch time!  Lucky for me, I am practically done with the planning and am almost on to the FUN!

This is part FOUR of my how-to-plan series.

In PART 1, I looked for destinations on Pinterest and showed you how I use Pinterest boards to create a list of dream stops for any destination.  This part was the most fun, but also the most mindless.  I just click-and-pin anything that sounds interesting, no reading just yet!

In PART 2, I started to filter those pins.  I started clicking all the links and browsing the websites.  Those that didn’t seem relevant or weren’t interesting, I deleted.  The ones that did feel like a great fit, I transferred over to Pocket!

In PART 3, I read through those articles and blog posts I saved to Pocket, and started to take notes on things I wanted to do while I was in San Diego.

Now, in PART 4 I will be taking that list of stops and putting them together in a Map!  I use Google Map for this.

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I am very excited to introduce my first group of weekly posts, TRAVEL NEAR, named after my slogan.  Each week I will feature my favorite local travel destination (local to wherever I am based at the time, that is).

I don’t like to only think of travel as venturing hundreds of miles.  You can be a tourist in your own town, too, and I do so as often as possible.   In a city as big as Los Angeles, it isn’t hard to find a new place to visit.

Find a new TRAVEL NEAR post here each Thursday, and find my old near travels in the menu bar under the same name.

How to Plan Your Next Vacation: Part 2

This is part TWO of my new “Follow-Along series” about planning your next adventure! CLICK HERE to read part one!

A quick summary of part one: we created a Pinterest board to plan our next vacation.  We aimlessly picked out a bunch of pins.  We had a mindless, enjoyable search session trying to find the best resources for our travels.

Part two is about cleaning this mess up!  Now that we have hundreds of pins that were gathered with a pin-now-read-later mindset, it’s time to clean out the bad ones.  Anything that isn’t relevant or doesn’t add anything to the planning process: OUT OF HERE!

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