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Friday Reads: The 4-Hour Work Week UPDATE

A couple weeks ago, I posted THIS post about the 4-Hour Work Week.  I was excited to get started, I even meticulously updated my goal-planning system (as of recent years, I am a goal planner) to match the system that Tim Ferriss created.

I even was so hooked on the first chapters of this book, that Tim Ferriss inspired one of my Wednesday Wisdoms.

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FIVE Books I’m reading about Road Trips!

It’s Friday Reads…on a SUNDAY!

I’ve been busy preparing for my new job, and I’m starting this week! I am incredibly excited to start my new job, both because of the job itself and because it is close enough to take public transportation to work.  I am ecstatic to not have to drive to work anymore! (My last commute was practically across the entire city of Los Angeles, and I drove for an hour and a half each way! UGH.) I will gladly have someone else do my driving for me.

To celebrate all this new-found time, I have been searching far and wide for things to occupy my time on my commute.  I have picked out books that I am very much looking forward to adding to my list.

Much like my blog, the books I’ve picked are all about my favorite form of travel: the great American Road trip.

Here are FIVE Road Trip Books I’ve Added to my List!

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Friday Reads: The Happiness Project

Tonight I’m reading THE HAPPINESS PROJECT by Gretchen Rubin.  Gretchen took on a project where she set goals for herself to try and create a happier life….and then documented all her thoughts and changes in chronological order.   In her book, she recognizes that she can’t change others, but must change the way she reacts to others to find the happiest life.  This stayed with me above all else.

Along with her book, I’ve been listening to her Happiness Podcast as well.  In the podcast, she explores similar themes to the book, but also approaches topics from her other two happiness books:  BETTER THAN BEFORE, and HAPPIER AT HOME, both of which I cannot wait to read!

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Friday Reads: Why You Shouldn’t be Allowed to Drive

Unfortunately, I tried to link up the article, but the website link is subscriber-only content.  That being said, this article from TIME Magazine was a super interesting read about the possible future of the Auto Industry and I highly recommend finding this article by any means necessary!

I always check out the library first and foremost (and this is TIME Magazine, people. Your local library has it!) Other options might be to check it on at the Grocery store or via Zinio, or you can follow THIS LINK and subscribe to TIME Magazine right from your computer and read this and many other super interesting articles! (To clarify, this is not a sponsored post for TIME Magazine, but if anyone from TIME is reading this…let’s talk!)

The article in reference is from the March 7th, 2016 issue (and starts on page 52 if you’re looking to read as you stand in line at the grocery store!)

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