Travel Near: La Brea Tar Pits & the LACMA

For those of you who speak Spanish, The La Brea Tar Pits is quite a redundant name, but I assure you, “The La Brea Tar Pits” is how we refer to it here.  (For my non-Spanish speakers, “La Brea” means “The Tar,” so when you call them The La Brea Tar pits, you’re saying “The The Tar Tar Pits.” Fun fact.)

I’m always on the hunt for local places to explore that are inexpensive to visit, and I’ll be honest, this one pushed my budget a little over the edge.  La Brea is located a mile away from The Grove, for those of you familiar with the area.  I frequently park in a Beverly Hills neighborhood and walk when I visit The Grove to evade the high price of parking.

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Travel Near: The Getty Museum

Boasting one of the best views in Los Angeles, the Getty Museum is not one to be missed for both locals and visitors.

Panoramic View from The Getty Museum in Los Angeles

The museum itself is completely, entirely, absolutely FREE! (Parking will cost you $15, but pack the car with all your family or friends, paying for parking is worth it considering the alternatives are walking a couple of miles or taking the metro for $1.75 each direction.  Unless you’re going by yourself, save yourself some time and pay to park.)

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I am very excited to introduce my first group of weekly posts, TRAVEL NEAR, named after my slogan.  Each week I will feature my favorite local travel destination (local to wherever I am based at the time, that is).

I don’t like to only think of travel as venturing hundreds of miles.  You can be a tourist in your own town, too, and I do so as often as possible.   In a city as big as Los Angeles, it isn’t hard to find a new place to visit.

Find a new TRAVEL NEAR post here each Thursday, and find my old near travels in the menu bar under the same name.

8 Things the locals do in Burbank

Burbank doesn’t get the love it deserves! As a new-local, Burbank is one of my favorite areas to hang out.  It’s quiet, there are always things to do, and parking is free! Maybe it doesn’t have the same authenticity as other local neighborhoods in Los Angeles, but the thing about Burbank is that it isn’t a destination, it’s a back yard.

Burbank isn’t filled with tourists, and it’s not a place that you have to spend money in order to have a good time.  I could waste hours in Burbank without even blinking an eye.  And did I mention that I don’t get charged a penny to park my car there for hours!? That’s seriously a huge perk in this city.  To celebrate my love for all things Burbank, here’s a list of my favorite things to do in Burbank on the weekends.

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Craft Brews for St. Patrick’s Day

My ideal night of going out doesn’t consist of getting dressed up and going to a place with loud music. Quite the opposite, in fact.  When I go out, I enjoy dressing down and going somewhere that has room for conversation between friends.  I love finding a place that has a unique taste and a fun atmosphere.

Craft breweries fit me perfectly.  I love going to brewery tap rooms.  Calm, relaxing – unwinding – environments.  Easy to bring friends together and catch up, easy to make new friends over beers.  Craft brews are different everywhere you go (sorry Budweiser) and most of the time it is the only place on earth this beer can be found.  I love that craft brews are exclusive, and reflect the local taste.   They’re a great stop for travelers, and a great place for local adventurers to explore.

Three local Los Angeles breweries are hosting St. Patrick’s Day events that you might want to check out tonight.  All are great options with great brews.  One way out in the Valley, one near Glendale, and one downtown.  Pick the best for you, and get out and enjoy some great local brews tonight.

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Exploring Caves!

I’ve taken a break from my vacation planning (Already! See.  I told you I worked slowly.) to do some research of a completely different nature…although I’m hoping this research will come in handy for my trip to San Diego!

Sunday morning, after some plans got cancelled at the last minute, I had the opportunity to do something I don’t often get to do: be lazy!  I laid in bed a full hour after waking up, just because I could.  My wonderful boyfriend brought me the Sunday paper and I just laid around! Heavenly! In the Sunday edition of the LA Times, there was an amazing series of articles all written by David Kelly about our National Parks.  More particularly, our national CAVES!  You can find the entire series RIGHT HERE!

His descriptions of the Jewel Cave (and the horrifying stories of the small spaces he had to crawl through to research for his article) filled me with excitement.  I began searching for caves near me.  I found two mini-caves nearby!

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